Turtle’s Investment Ideology

At Turtle Research Our Core Investment ideology is to make Process driven Investment decisions which are not emotionally biased but are backed our process that dosent retaliate human emotions, but is backed by 5 core Investment Ideology

1. Investment in Business where Value is Higher > Price:

We tend to find business in NIFTY 500 Space where the company has higher value than the price we are paying for, this is also backed by our PPP Investment Approach. The companies which have consolidated from a long Period of time & the same time the Financials have grown a long way but the price is at the same level, and now there is Turn around in the Story that makes Value higher than the price. This setup has lot of probability to give us multiple returns and that’s why you come to Turtle, to get something different, unique and low valued business. That’s where we invest in a Business where returns may come in X and if loss it may come in %.

2. Deciding EXIT (On downside) before we Enter:

We at Turtle have invested our highest energy and Time behind our Risk Management Process, we believe in 60% Risk Management and 40% Returns Management. As Rightly said by Rohan, if we take care of the Risk, returns will take care of itself. You will get detailed study in the Turtle Risk Management (tab) about how the Risk Management is done. We also make sure that we don’t take more than 1.2% of the Loss Risk in a company where we invest, this comes only by deciding what price we will Exit before we enter in a stock, that not only makes us confident to Manage Risk, but also when the stock is on uptrend we refrain from selling just on the basis of impulse selling. This is one of the core ideology of Turtle & we are extremely proud of it.

3. Pyramiding Profits & Exiting in Losses:

One of the biggest secret sauce amongst the best fund management in the world is the power of executing 2 hardest things. 1) To give more funds to the company who is doing well, though at turtle we don’t allocate more than 10% of invested capital to a single company, and 2) To exit from the company which is not performing or you have found a better peer which can outperform from your current holding. These two are the rarest of the quality of a Portfolio Manager and we are proud to say that this is inculcated in our PPP approach.

4. IS vs IF Investor:

There are 2 tribes in the world of investments, one who invest with the question IF, if things will be this and that the stock will do good, and they are much reliant on the HOPE, whereas we at Turtle believe in IS investing approach. When the company performs well, when the company is above its ATH (all time high price), when the company is above ATH Profits & when the company has Turnaround story leads us to buy. We don’t buy on the HOPE. Our buying is backed by PPP System, Where your investments happen with heavy conviction. And we don’t rely on HOPE we rely on FACTs because of that we buy costlier at All Time High, but we are ok to give more cost in the barter of getting higher conviction.


We believe in Joy of Missing out vs Fear of Missing out. With our PPP Approach and our structured investment approach we are happy to miss out certain opportunity, but we are more focused on the company which fits in our structure and what we do about that company rather than the company we have missed out. Market rewards everyone, every strategy, but we at Turtle have extreme courage and conviction to adhere to our strategy. Every strategy has its own season, some time it is good some time it is great, and many times it can be testing times, but the one who can benefit from it, who has patience to hold and conviction to execute the same, the best of the returns will come to them in the most unexpected time. Likewise, the best of the loss also comes when it is most unexpected. Mr. Market tests you in every front, but the one who holds on to the core of the process eventually wins, as in markets 80% of time we earn 20% of returns and 20% of time we earn 80% returns. It is of utmost importance for an investor to understand this 5th and the most important law of having patience with conviction, then only we will win in the game of Investments.