CSR Initiative: Vision Board | Nearly 100 individuals curated their own vision board; it was one of the biggest sessions till today and the smallest for tomorrow!

17-11-2023- Elearn by Stockedge Learn a Successful Techno Funda Strategy & How to Manage your Portfolio? #FacetoFace Ft- Rohan Mehta

Unlocking the Power Of Compounding Ft- Rohan Mehta Decodes The Rule Of 72, 144, 144

Jagran Interview- Ft. Rohan Mehta, Portfolio Manager, Turtle Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd.

212° Beyond Profits Rohan Mehta Turtle Wealth Management PMS & AIF 5.0

Green Hedge Capital Interview- Ft. Rohan Mehta

What Is Smart Investing and how to manage your investments Talk Show- Ft. Hardik Gandhi

Man who has Partnered with God - Rubaroo with Rohan Mehta

Truth about Investing Behaviour- Chitralekha

212° - Turtle Research - 1 Extra Day (Leap Year)​

Thinking Beyond Profits - 2022 Recap​

PMS Bazaar talk- Rohan Mehta 400 cr company fund manager highlights the 5Ps of investment strategy

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