Employee to Entrepreneur

In the business of Wealth Management after a decade spend as an employee doing great business, everyone feels to start their own organisation, but is afraid for following things:
  • Monthly Salary
  • The Learning Culture
  • The Support System
  • Brand Name
  • Other Expenses of Business
Do not worry we have a solution for this at Turtle Wealth!

We offer an amazing opportunity to be an entrepreneur at Turtle, how it works?
  • 1. You get the Monthly Salary as your Previous Organization; this will be adjusted against the business generated at EOY.
  • 2. You get 21% Profit Sharing from the business you do, till the Client is invested with us. (For Example, you get business in the 1st year, and all the year till the client is invested with us)
  • 3. You get 11% of Profit-Sharing post 3 years if you decide not to work also with us.
  • 4. You get the Status of “Business Partner” with Turtle Wealth.
  • 5. You are entitled for the ESOPS
  • 6. You have a say in Top Management
  • 7. This Profile is open for all the Products
The credential to be an Employee to Entrepeneur is:
  • Experience of 5 Years + of dealing with HNI clients & Managing Team
  • Experience in Selling Asset Products like PMS/MF/AIF, in B2B or B2C Channel
  • Minimum Wealth Managed is 21Cr. +
  • Growth and Passionate Mindset
  • Team Player
If you want to be part of this exciting Journey do send your resumes at contact@turtlewealth.in, on selection the senior team member will contact you.
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