“Invest in India’s
Outstanding Companies”


212° Wealth Mantra
PMS Fund

  • Investing in “Growth & Leadership” Business
  • We know when to “Exit (Sell)”
  • “If U Earn, we will Earn” No Fixed Management Fees
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What We Do

212° Wealth Mantra PMS Fund

“Creating long-lasting wealth in the most Strategic way by investing in outstanding Businesses with Growth & Moat in Common complimented with the highest level of Transparency, Discipline & Probity.

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212° The Complete Trader

Investing & Trading is not only about Charts and Annual Reports its much more than that, this book will change your dimensions about being a Trader & Investor, Amazon Best Seller & 4.5 Rating Book, Now available in English & Gujarati.

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Invest With Smallcase

Achieve your investment goals with Tailor-made Model Stock Portfolios. Smallcases are intelligent baskets of right stocks that are managed by Turtlewealth Research Desk, tailored just for you.

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From the Fund Manager’s desk

“Trust in Turtle to win the Race”

We at Turtle are extremely passionate individuals working towards wealth creation by investing in A grade businesses with an entire process driven approach. Our key focus area is to make each of our Client, Partner & Employee Wealthy.

Today Turtle Wealth is amongst the fastest growing companies in the Financial Wealth Management industry. With each day passing by we aim to grow leaps and bounds. If growth is your vision, we are your eyes!

Rohan Mehta, CEO & Fund Manager

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What’s Our Client Think About Us

Turtle wealth, a team of committed professionals knows their job well. Investment at Turtle is surely based on proven philosophy “DO NOT LOSE CAPITAL” of Mr. Warren Buffet. I have complete faith in Team Turtle that their proven system will be followed diligently to be ahead of the curve.

Mr. Suresh Bhatt

TURTLE WEALTH TEAM provides a personal touch which makes every client feel very special and it made easier for me to concentrate on my Business more and thereby entrusting Turtle Team to manage my surplus funds. I appreciate their way of Functioning. I can be confident that my capital with TURTLE WEALTH is as safe as is possible in the equity market.

Mr. Bharat Savla
Proprietor, Less is More

We know Rohan Mehta & Turtle Wealth for a few years and can highly recommend him as someone who offers an extremely high level of service in all aspects of investment. He is ably backed by his colleagues within the company and is always available to take a call or arrange a meeting at short notice. Their blend of professionalism with a personal touch has given me the confidence to invest with them.

Mr. Roopesh Zaveri
Director, Kankesh Exims Pvt Ltd

Turtle Wealth has the most holistic, disciplined approach towards investment. With Turtle wealth, we have received sound advice pertaining to Equity markets as well as Fixed Income Instruments.

CA Narendra Shah

I have always exercised discipline in saving. I had wished to diversify a portion of my portfolio to equity. I was looking for an organization that followed a process and exercised discipline which is what Turtle Wealth and its team does. I have been investing with Turtle Wealth for over 7 years and I have found my multi-bagger.

Mr. Anand Naidu
Personal Effectiveness & Leadership Coach, LMI

I liked the Transparency in all aspects like how we work, where we invest, exit strategy etc. In totality everything looks convincing and gives me peace of mind that our hard-earned money is in ‘Safe Hands”.

Dr. Akash Patel

Just as Turtle has got a hard cover to protect it's most valuable body from any disruption and so is Turtle wealth protecting the most valuable investments of their clients. There are lot of Fund houses who provide good returns but in the bad times are unable to protect capital from getting diminished. With Turtle Wealth, we are sure to be safe not only in the Bear market but also minting good returns in average or Bull market.

Vishwajeet Jadeja
Chief Officer Finance - JBJO, Leader in Automobiles

Having known Turtle wealth for some years, I am assured that Turtle Wealth is a very professional wealth planner that possesses expert knowledge of planning & protecting which leads to wealth creation for me. Throughout this period of working together, their advice is well organized and straight to the point accompanied with complete transparency.

Rushik Patel

I have been in a close connection with Turtle Wealth Management since past One Decade. Their highest degree of Integrity & honesty and round the clock availability of the team cannot be simply expressed in words. At this point of time I must have earned more than my salary in 40 years of professional career of plant operations , through equity markets with help of Turtle Wealth.

Amrish Mehta
Retired, Kribhco Manager

Turtle Wealth એ અમીતાભ બચ્ચન જેવી સંસ્થા છે કે જે અમુક ચોક્કસ નીતી, નીયમો થી ચાલે છે. સમય ભલે ખરાબ હોય કે સારો નીતી નીયમો થી કોઈ જ સમાધાન નથી કરતાં. શેર માર્કેટ ના શહેનશાહ છે.

ધવલ એચ. જોષી