4 Great Reasons to Join as an Investor

Financial Wellbeing is like having strong backbone, no one can see it, not even ourselves, but without it we can’t do anything, same is selecting the right Wealth Managing Partner for your wealth whose core focus is to create your wealth, not only by investing in the right companies, but also by giving you the right set of wisdom, at Turtle, Wealth Managing is our Distinct forte!
Ahead of all the other reasons we have the 1 Degree which can be distributed by 3 Reasons to invest with us are as follows:
1. Open Culture: At Turtle we believe in giving the great Investing Experience to our investors, we have dedicated Service team for helping you round the hours, also from Fund Manager/CEO to all the team members are accessible.
At Turtle our Top Management has 100% Focus on the Business, they don’t have any other affair of business except Wealth Creation of Turtle Investors
At Turtle we are “Customer Obsessed” Organization, we have a one rule for Client is “anything good for client is right, anything bad for client is wrong”, we always believe in WIN- WIN situation, but our win comes after the win of our clients.
2. Process Driven Investment Approach: At Turtle our investment is one of the most process-oriented investment process you will ever come across in the world, we have set of the rules no one can break, not even the Fund Manager, and these rules are well communicated to the Investors as the set of Expectations is extremely clear with their expectations.

The 5 Biggest Question for the Investments are answered:

1. What to Buy?
2. When to Buy?
3. How much to Buy?
4. When to Exit?
5. When to Scaleup?

This are answered before there is a Buy in any Stock, the Most unique thing we have is we decided Exit before we Enter in a Stock.
3. Human Friendly Investment: World is going through a Tragic change in selection of the business, as we have seen the Trend of Vegan getting in the world, the same trend we follow in investment is Human Friendly Business, we have taken oath to invest only in the companies who does business that dosent harm any one on a larger scale, this decision is one of the kind in the world. Following is the business we don’t invest in:
  • Animal Killing
  • Liquor
  • Tobacco
  • Environment Unfriendly
4. 212°? 211° F water gets hot, 212° Water gets Boiled that 1 degree change which makes a train run, in life, sports and investments it’s all about that one degree more that makes you from good to Excellent, best to amazing.

At Turtle we understand that 211° is which the world gives in PMS, but that 1 Degree is what we must give different and for us that one degree is:
  • Extraordinary Probity & Values
  • Performing Process
  • Robust Risk Management Services
  • Client Friendly Fee Structure
  • Stock Entry Exit Note
  • Quarterly Review System
  • Robust Risk Management System
  • Easy access with Team
This looks like a small thing, but as a human makes a big deal by not investing in this business and showing support to the humans and the World.

We can list 100 more reasons you should join Turtle as an investor, but leaving you with this 3 major thought, more you can surely discover from our website.

“If Wealth Creation is your vision, we will be your Eyes”
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