At Turtle Wealth our core Purpose is to “Create Wealth in most Disciplined and Systematic Way”, we are a bunch of mavericks yet disciplined team working flawlessly for Wealth Creation. Our distinct core forte is to build process driven investing and trading systems that has less art and more science. For clients, we offer Portfolio Management Services (SEBI Registered) and 360 ° Wealth Management Services to create Long-Lasting Wealth. Our CEO & Fund Manager has also written a Best Seller book called 212 Degree the Complete Trader on his journey and ideas to be a successful Trader and Investor.

Portfolio Management Services (PMS), service offered by the Portfolio Manager, is an investment portfolio in stocks, fixed income, debt, cash, structured products and other individual securities, managed by a professional money manager that can potentially be tailored to meet specific investment objectives. Although portfolio managers may oversee hundreds of portfolios, your account may be unique.

1. PMS ─ We are amongst very few companies who are not brokers and are SEBI Registered PMS. We have one of the most Process Driven Funds each having their unique strategy that’s focused on Equity as an Asset Class for Long Term Wealth creation & preservation.

2. Wealth Management ─ We offer all Wealth Management Solutions under the sun. If you are a busy Individual seeking for professional guidance to manage your wealth, we are right here to help you. We cover almost all forms of asset classes from Insurance to SIP to Equities to Real estate etc., with the benefit of customization depending upon your needs and goals.

3. Smallcase ─ Our Portfolio is also Listed on Small Case. Smallcases are modern investment products that help you build a diversified, low-cost & longterm portfolio. A smallcase is a basket of exchange traded securities (like stocks & ETF) in a specified weighting scheme to reflect a certain objective/idea. As compared to Mutual funds, here you buy stocks into your account directly (not just units).

Professional Management ─ The service provides professional management of portfolios with the objective of delivering consistent long-term performance while controlling risk.

Continuous Monitoring ─ It is important to recognize that portfolios need to be constantly monitored and periodic changes made to optimize the results.

Hassle Free Operation ─ The company takes care of all the administrative aspects of the client’s portfolio with a periodic reporting on the overall status of the portfolio and performance.

Transparency ─ PMS provide comprehensive communications and performance reporting. Investors will get regular statements and updates from the firm. Web-enabled access will ensure that client is just a click away from all information relating to his investment.

Customized Advice ─ PMS give select clients the benefit of tailormade investment advice designed to achieve his/her financial goals.

Anyone who wants to create wealth in Disciplined way, with “NO QUICK RICH” desire is an ideal client for us. An ideal client constitutes an Individual, HUF, Family offices, Corporates, NRI, Partnership firms etc.

As such you can start investing in Equity markets with as low as 500 Rs. but investing in our signature products (PMS & Wealth Management) the minimum investments starts from 1 Crore.

No Worries, we can offer you SIP’s and Small Case (Investing Platform) where you can start investing!

At Turtle Wealth we like to be associated with like- minded people. You can be part of our team or our Associate or invest with us and be our prime Client. We would love you to be a part of the Turtle Wealth family.

Yes. For investment in listed securities, an investor is required to open a Demat account in his/her own name.

The portfolio manager provides the client, a disclosure document while entering into an agreement with the client which has to be read and duly signed by the client.

No. There doesn’t exist any lock in period.

We offer a choice between a fixed and performance-linked management fee. In addition, actual expenses like custodian fees, audit fee, brokerage on transactions, etc. are charged. For charging performance-based fee, the concept of high watermark is typically applicable. No hidden costs are applicable.

Orbis Financial Corporation Limited has been appointed as the custodian.

We conduct a client meet on quarterly basis called as “PMS Showcase” where we share every detail on how our fund has performed, performance of the businesses we invested, additions & deletions in the fund etc. It is one of the most distinctive thing which Turtle Wealth Does.

The client will receive, via email, a monthly account statement around 1-6th day of every month. This monthly statement will include all details related to the portfolio holdings, transaction statement and statements of dividends received and expenses incurred. Also, soon after the PMS account has been activated, the client will receive login credentials to Orbis financials’ website and mobile app, through which the clients can access all details related to their PMS account updated as of end of the previous day.