3 Reasons to Join Turtle

Working at Turtle Wealth is one of its kind experiences. The work environment here is a room full of incredible culture, immense growth and learning opportunities accompanied by elevated levels of Integrity. Joining Turtle Wealth can prove to be a life-changing resolution, as it is a place that will truly make you envy your holidays.
1. No Boss Culture: We at Turtle have no Boss Culture zone, everyone is kind of Partner of the Company, anyone can be the CEO of the Company, and we don’t entertain trust type of organization where the Partner Kids or Family Member will be entitled to take the head position, it is the one who deserves gets the Opportunity to grow and lead the Company/Department or the Position, also the Raise and the Promotion of the team member is based on the OKR’s Method, where no favouritism works at Turtle, “In God we Trust, but in data we believe”
2. Team Forums: In our life we come to a stage where we can’t discuss our problems and concern with anyone, but at Turtle we believe we are on family and as the reason a concept called Forum was Implemented which is inspired from Corporate Connection, where every month after our Review Meeting i.e., on the 1st Saturday of month, we all sit and discuss our Personal and Professional life in the most scientific way and the team member who has any issue share their problem and we all team member share our Experience not our Suggestions.
It is not mandatory to be part of Forum, but if you are in Forum, you must sign the NDA, with a promise that the discussion should not come in office culture as it is private and confidential, also a team member can join forum after 3 months of joining.
3. Being Partner of the Company: Our culture is all about to grow to gather, as the Team member who completes 1 year, is entitled for the Profit Growth of the Company, i.e., the % of the growth the company has = the % of the bonus on the annual package they have.
For Example: If Tejas Package is 10 Lac Rs. And company does a growth i.e., Net Profit of 21%, Tejas gets a 21% BONUS at the End of the Year (that is not included in CtoC), this works for the non-Sales Team Members.

Also, after 3 Years completion in the company, the employee is entitled for the ESOP Opportunity.

We can list other 100 Reasons to Join Team Turtle, if you want to have an amazing Career with fun to work, send your resume at contact@turtlewealth.in
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