Core Ideology

Purpose > Process > Performance > Price

It is seldom that one is keen on knowing the purpose and process of a fund house, which is analogous to an engine of a motor car thus making it indispensable for wealth creation & preservation.


Unlimited Upside > Limited Downside

There are millions of blueprints prepared on how to beat the markets, but the evergreen rule has been only one i.e. potential of Unlimited Upside and Limited Downside (calculated). At Turtle Wealth, all our funds are based on this dictum:


“We don’t know how much the upside is, but we surely know our downside”

Rome was not built in a day but can be destroyed in a day!

If a stock falls by 50% in value, the upside required is its twice i.e. 100%. In investing it takes years to create wealth but it takes only a day to destroy it.


We don’t have to be smarter than others, but more disciplined

For us it has always been Performing vs Predicting. As tomorrow is not in your control, past is in your head while future is in your hands. The Culture is to focus on our core competency and not participating in this race of being smarter than others.

Quality of Investors weighs higher than the Investment Ideas!

As the Fund Manager, Investor and the Investments should go hand in hand with each other, our Investor selection included 4 criteria:


1. Minimum 5 Years of Investment horizon

2. Be Ready for a 15-20% downside at all times

3. Investing funds should not be leveraged funds

4. Should be comfortable with our Investment Process


Our Patience will be tested but conviction will be rewarded

A theory or an idea may not necessarily work in all times, but if you have conviction in your strategy and having your biases controlled one will indeed be rewarded in the times to come.

Price is God!

Price is just what speaks about everything. The foremost factor as how to select a stock is its Positive Trend followed by rest everything.


Bore makes More!

As quoted by Sr. Charlie Munger, “Excitement and Expenses are the adversary of a great investor”. At Turtle Wealth, our churning ratio of the portfolio is the lowest and the companies we buy neither would be an overnight multi-bagger nor would be an overnight destroyer.

Profit takes care of itself, loses never do

As history speaks, 80% stocks will not be virtuous, 20% will outshine but all what makes a difference is your 20% allocation in the stock.


Secret Sauce = Pyramiding Profits > = Exiting in Loss

We admire two simple rules which the masses don’t follow.


1. When the company is doing good, allocate more in the company and,

2. When the company’s business is underperforming, eliminate it from your portfolio.

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