Investment in Human Friendly Business – Why?

We are all responsible for this world, and at Turtle we take this very seriously. We believe in Non Violence, and living a Sinless life without doing any direct harm to any living being. There are many things one can contribute in this direction, but we took the 1st step of buying only the Company which are “Human Friendly” in nature, that help us not to be part of any sinful business, whose consumption would not be liked and motivated if done by our kids or family members. We don’t want to be part of any profits which are at the cost of Harming humans or any living being, while buying a business we believe we are part of it, it’s just not a non-emotional entity for us, but we really believe we are partners of it.

We also added in 2023 the companies we will buy should be ESG Compliant, Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is a framework used to assess an organization’s business practices and performance on various sustainability and ethical issues. It also provides a way to measure business risks and opportunities in those areas. ESG initiatives also contribute to broader business sustainability efforts that aim to position companies for long-term success based on responsible corporate management and business strategies.

As we will avoid buying businesses which are in following business

Frequently asked questions which comes to us are like, if in that way no business you should buy as somewhere or other, they are not human complied, we agree, but we can atleast avoid buying business which are in direct relation to not been Human Friendly, atleast we can start from here, and believe us we don’t miss any big opportunity, rather we are proud of missing that opportunity in this we believe in JOMO.