Investment Experience with Turtle

At Turtle Wealth we believe that returns are not in our hands, nor is the market, but giving you great Investing Experience is surely in our hands, for that our Team works Passionately, 5 Things we do for Amazing Experience:

1. Portfolio Manager is not Mr. India:

We don’t believe in a Structure Hierarchy, we are always available for our clients including our Portfolio Manager and CEO, to listen to your Suggestions, needs & craft a portfolio according to your Investment Objective.

2. Quarterly Review:

We believe in connecting with clients on every Quarter we do 2 types of reviews:

3. WhatsApp Community:

We have witnessed that email is something every investor have not been keeping a track of, so we created a WhatsApp Community where every update of Stocks, Markets, Research Report are being Shared. The beauty about this is no one can watch who is in the group hence the Privacy of the client is intact. This group is exclusively for Turtle Wealth investors and Family Members only

4. Entry & Exit Research Notes:

Transparency is one of our Values at Turtle, and we bind by that. We share the whole process to our investors that we are on the same page. We share a self-explanatory report of our Stock Entry and Exit to our investors in 7 Working Day of the Execution of the Stock, we don’t only send Entry Note, we also send EXIT Note, on Dedicated Email address and Client WhatsApp community.

5. Interaction with Management:

As we know we are not buying stocks we are in the business to buy businesses hence we try to have a Plant Meet, Management Meet with our Investors that will make you closer to the company as to why we have invested in it. You can find some examples from the

6. Management Meet with Client:

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