Turtle Talk #16

'Investing Is Not Easy'

- Why Investing Is Simple But Not Easy?

- 8 Steps To Make Investing Simple And Easy



    "Put not your trust in money, but put your money in trust.Oliver Wendell Holmes." Date: 10 Sep 2015

    "Profit take care themselves losses never do Date: 09 Sep 2015

    "Everyone has naturally the power of excelling in some one thing." Date: 08 Sep 2015

    "The essentials ride your winners , cut your losses, manage your risk, Use Stops, Sticks to the system, file the news." Date: 07 Sep 2015

    "If you do not determine your own value in a marketplace than marketplace will never pay you what you are worth." Date: 20 Aug 2015

    "Remember you need only few good trades a day to make your daily pay. So be Patient." Date: 18 Aug 2015

    "Keep things simple.The more you try to make things complex, the harder it will be for you to successful. Keeping things simple works in life and the markets." Date: 17 Aug 2015

    "I have always found it profitable to study my mistakes." Date: 14 Aug 2015

    "Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement." Date: 13 Aug 2015

    "Always Remember to take your Vitamins: Take your Vitamin A for ACTION, Vitamin B for Belief, Vitamin C for Confidence ,Vitamin D for Discipline, Vitamin E for Enthusiasm." Date: 12 Aug 2015

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  • Jayesh Khandwala, Owner, KIFS – Ahmedabad

    “First our Business head had taken this Training and in Training Trading & Business Strategies were so insightful that we have given this training to all our Sub Brokers and after that Business has increased to a good level in tough markets.”

  • Vijay Goel – CEO – Motilal Oswal

    “A Training to Increase Wealth of Client, Business and Reactive the inactive clients.”

  • Manthan Raval – Director – Urja Investment - Baroda

    “A program for every investor or trader who is dreamed to make future (Wealth) from Stock/Commodity markets, well thought and relevant content is truly admirable, in short superb! Fantastic! Wonderful! Awesome, I’m a Turtle.”

  • N R Savalia – Manager Kribhco – Hazira

    “I have taken around 6 training including Online Academy, but my search ended with 3D Trader Training where I am now much Relaxed and Stress free Trader – also today I am not worried for my Retirement.”

  • Gaurav Jain – Business Man - Surat

    “I was new in Stock Markets one of my friend referred this Training and I can tell that I am lucky to be with Best People in Industry, and the results of this Training are so awesome I am planning to Make this Trading & Investment as my main Business.”

  • Gita Shah - Ex – Collector – Baroda

    “I have totally Changed after this Wealth Creation Training, I Know what type of Trader I am and exactly when to Enter & Exit in Markets.”

  • Shital Pachhigar – House Wife

    “આ એક અદભૂત સાકારાત્મક અને વૈભાવશાલી જીવન જીવવાની ચાવી અને કળા છે.”

  • Krunal Sailor – MBBS Student

    “I am now more confident and relax, where ever market goes I don’t care as I will always be in the Right Trend.”

  • Rachna Bhatt – Wealth Manager - IIFL Premia

    “I was going to leave this industry, I met Rohan and he told to take training and then decide, I can tell 2 days have changed my entire life, now I am more relaxed, I can meet client confidently, my Incentives have increased with Client Profits.”

  • Dr. Sanjay Shah – Surat

    “After this training session my thinking process has changed dramatically and I hope it is going to do immense good to my market participation successfully from tomorrow itself.”

  • Pawan Patel – Professional Trader

    “I have taken Tips, done Speculation but after being 3D Trader. I have learnt strategies which tells my loss 1st and as from last 1 year. I am earning average 1 lac per year without seeing charts, news, and taking TIPS.”

  • Dhaval Joshi - Manager – Laxmi Diamond

    “I am Trading and Investing from last 5 years after taking training it was the 1st time I have received Profit Cheque and that too giving 100% in my job and giving 10 Minutes in Markets.”

  • Keval Lathiya - Lawyer

    “Turtle Wealth have shown me a whole new world. Training at Turtle wealth has been a wonderful experience. Turtle wealth team is very knowledgeable in their respective field and very helpful both during and after Training. After completing this Training I can now do Trading and invest my money in a better way, This Training is the best and I am proud to be part of Turtle wealth training. After This Training I am more Confident And I Will Always be in the right Trend.”

  • Piyush sheth - Film maker

    “Ur system working style is efficient, perfect & professional, no stress, complete anxiety free. I have stopped Economic Times & watching Business News Channel. I have started working on this system since mid Aug & have made about 2.5 lacs. Keeping very conservative ROI.Previously I made big loss while dealing which was Tip based.”

  • Dinesh Jain– MOSL Subbroker, Delhi

    “I am Trading and Investing from last 5 years after taking training it was the 1st time I have received Profit Cheque and that too giving 100% in my job and giving 10 Minutes in Markets.”

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